The Anatolian Traditional Folk Dances Youth and

Sports Club Association (namely AGON)

AGON was established in 2000 targeting

– to investigate the phenomenon of the Folk dance taking place in every moment of our history since thousands of years,

– to help people to link strong bridges between past and present time by considering traditional culture and while performing these,

– to shape our plays in a way to help living, promoting and protecting our Folk culture, by without omitting the real values but taking advantages of modern opportunities.

By acting on these targets AGON, in order to transfer our cultural values to future, try to enlighten the youth, which are seen as the guards of our cultural heritage, and to try to teach them the most accurate and authentic shapes of Folk dances of our country that have different characteristics.

Our Study Halls


Since its foundation, in accordance with its foundation purpose, AGON tried to be faithful to the culture of Folk dances in the trainings. It contributed people to learn different cultures by giving them trainings of different regional Folk dances. And by continuing trainings it helps these cultural treasures to hold alive. In our works beside theoretical information on method, subject and staff applications such as compilations and demonstrations are also made. With our professional and experienced instructor team we try young people to enjoy folk dances and try to transfer our cultures to future in a most accurate way. Since its foundation by adding new regions in its folk dances repertoire each new season our association has been reached to very wide regional Folk dances repertoire. Every year our program is renewed and expanded.

AGON started with folk dances only, however in the passing years it added the following branches to its repertoire and contiues to give their trainings successfully with a pleasure.

  • Folk Dances
  • Latin Dances
  • Rhythm
  • Turkish Folk Music Chorus
  • Turkish Art Music Chorus
  • Baglama
  • Theater
  • Tango
  • Belly Dance
  • Sirtaki
  • Children’s Folk Group
  • Guitar
  • Photography
  • Creative Drama
  • Ballet

Folk Dances

Our mission is to convey to future generations the culture of folk dances. Hence we are opening regional Folk Dances and modernized dances courses. Students are taught by professional teachers all regional dances. To convey the cultures our association not only teaches dances but also gives information about the origins of the dances. By presenting Folk Dances ability gained by our students to our guests and we try to form a bridge to carry over this culture between generations.

Latin Dances

Our association teaches not only local Dances but also teaches global dances. In order to make people recognize and love these dances and to enrich our lives by adding color to our culture we add to our repertoire Latin Dances that are among worlds cultural heritages. By adding Latin Dances to our program we help our trainees enlighten their minds. For this purpose our association opens Latin Dance classes such as Bachata, Salsa, Rueda, Tango etc.

Children’s Groups

(Creative Drama – Ballet – Latin Dances)

In order to contribute to the development of children AGON gives education on different art branches. By creative drama it is aimed to improve free thinking, imagination ability, the right way of expressing yourself, sharing and empathy skills of children. By rhythm for children it is aimed to improve their sense of Rhythm. By Ballet and Latin Dances it is aimed to improve their dance ability and express themselves with dance. By doing this our children improve both ability to move when they have fun and ability to imagine and look to the world from another point of view.

Rhythm and Percussion

The development of a sense of rhythm in the adults helps them having regular life and planning their time. Rhythm and Percussion courses for adults are opened not only to improve these abilities but also to improve their dancing and music abilities as well.

Children’s Rhythm Groups

Adult Rhythm Groups

Belly Dance

Belly dance which is very common and popular within our country is also included within AGON. Aesthetic and rhythm is very important in this dance so our female trainees have the chance to develop their aesthetic and rhythm skills.

Baglama and Guitar Courses

Baglama is an important representative of our culture and therefore it is an indispensable item for us. Therefore there is baglama courses within AGON. There are also Guitar courses for children and adults within AGON that is an important instrument for the world music.

Turkish Folk Music Chorus and Turkish Art Music Chorus

Our Turkish Folk Music Chorus and Turkish Art Music Chorus work with professional musicians.

The Turkish Folk Music Chorus which is the biggest chorus within Kartal district and the Turkish

Art Music Chorus are sources of proud for our association.


Theater which is one of the important branches of art is also included in among the activities of our association. You can see some photos of the demonstrations of our theater department on the side.

End of Year Shows

At the end of every year all dances that are taught in our association traditionally is collected under the name of Season Final and are demonstrated. At the same time we organize every year Traditional Agon Dance and Meal activity in participation of all members, trainees and our supporters. Beside these regular activities we perform Theater plays and Turkish Art Music and Turkish Folk Music concerts. With these activities our members obtain chance to perform their abilities gained and positive feedbacks of our guests in our performances motivates us. Considering the initial amateur spirit of founding members and administrators the level reached makes us feel happy and proud. Initially started with trainings of Folk Dances our association now provides effectively various courses of different branches.

Shows and Festivals

Agon Dance conducted joint studies with a variety festivals organized by various organizations and municipalities. In these festivals Agon Dance performed its shows and had been greated by everyone. Some of these festivals include were organised with the following organizations;

  • Kartal Municipality
  • Maltepe Municipality
  • Konya İmrenler Municipality
  • Dr. Lütfi Kırdar Educational and Research Hospital
  • Düzce Yığılca Municipality

Beside these local activities our association participates in festivals held abroad.

Domestic Festivals

Foreign Festivals

  • CorreDoura İnternational Folkdance Ferstival ( Portugal 2011 )
  • Blue Diamond Events International Folklore Festival ( Vienna 2013 )

Social Activities

In order to improve the interactions and friendships among group members as Agon Dance we organize many social activities.

  • We organize picnic, Barbecue and New Year parties in order to throw away the tiredness of the season or of the year by having a good time
  • We lead our members and guests to see the natural and historical beauties of our country by organizing culture tours and nature trips.


New Year Parties and Traditional Meal Organisations

Culture Toures

Nature Trips

The Competitions

Our association is a member of Turkish Folk Dances Federation. Our members have been rejoiced us so many times with their successes in the competitions organized by the Federation.

These competitions include;

  • In Turkish Folk Dances Federation’s folk dances competition in traditional branch our Urfa region team had been ranked in second place in Istanbul, and then this team had successfully represented Agon Dance club at the competition held in Diyarbakır.
  • In Turkish Folk Dances Federation’s folk dances competition in arranged branch our Ağrı region team had been ranked in second place in Istanbul.
  • In TDSF Salsa Competition between clubs Agon Dancers had been ranked in first place in Istanbul in Children’s category.
  • We are proud of with our dancers who formerly had been ranked in fourth place in Istanbul and in sixth place in Turkish Salsa Championship.